Suicide rates go up!

As I was heading home from work this morning, I heard some very terrible news. The anchor relating the news was commenting about suicide rates hitting the high 40 year peak among teenage girls. How crazy is that! Not only that but it said that it has doubled since 2015 according to statistics. This is unfortunate. As a matter of fact, recently we had a celebrity die by the name of Chester Bennington, which is no other than the frontman singer of the rock band “Linkin Park”.

It is clear that we are leaving in dark times where people are so desperate for answers and not finding any help, they end up believing that a suicide is their only choice but it is not. As a former suicide survivor I know that suicide doesn’t just happen. It comes by a serious of thoughts that have come in trying to feel better and”end the pain” because you are tired of feeling hopeless. However, suicide is never a real solution. Rather is a permanent solution to our temporal problems.

What is alarming is the following rates:

According to the american organization for suicide prevention, 44,913 Americans die each year by committing suicide. For every suicide committed, there has been 25 attempts by other people. Also, On average, there are 121 suicides per day. This right there should alarm us! That is a high rate. This year the rates are high and today it has hit the 40 mark on teenagers.

How can this be? There are many reasons. Among them, cyberbullying, substance abuse, any relationship problems and social isolation. Of course there are many more factors and it can’t be just centered in one leading cause. The point here is that, like I said before, Suicide is NEVER the answer. Why? Simple. The bible tells us that only God has the authority to give and take away life. When someone commits suicide, we are pretty much declaring we are God by taking an authority that does not belong to us. To God, declaring ourselves God over our lives is sin. Not only that but the pain doesn’t stop there. Actually, it worsens. In the bible there was one person who committed suicide and it was Judas, one of Jesus disciples. He did so because he regretted betraying the son of God. What is sad is that because of that sin he is now in hell for eternity. This means that suicide does not get you to a happier place if it is attempted, but rather, it does the opposite as it is the beginning of pains.

Let me speak to you now for a moment. Yes, I know you feel hopeless and that there is no escape. You feel that taking your life away is the only answer. Listen, it is not the end. Don’t listen to the lies of the enemy. Don’t listen to the lies that tell you that you don’t deserve to live, that you are worthless and that people wont even care if you life or die and they will move on eventually. No! There is someone who loves you! People do care, your friends care, they love you, More importantly God loves you!! listen to them, hear God’s voice today!! He loves you, you have a unique and wonderful purpose upon your life! This is not going to last forever. You will make it through just like I did. God is able to help you out just like you did for me and many others!! Know that if you do and seek God, you will have the victory and then, the pain will end. The devil and his lies will lose, and you will win and have the victory!

May this song lift you up:

Many blessings!!!


Linkin Park singer’s death continues a trend of suicides this year.



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